My University Life So Far; Present Perfect Reading Passage with Target Words and Comprehension Questions

1. Do you know the meanings of the words below? If not, check their meanings from a dictionary:

exchange, information, field, add, senior, graduate

2. Do you know the meanings of the expressions below? If not, check their meanings from a dictionary:

via, thanks to, get in touch, participate in, such as (like), 

3. What can you tell about the person in the picture? Write your ideas.

My University Life So Far
I've been a university student for 3 years and I've enjoyed it very much so far. Firstly, I've been to 5 different countries via exchange student and travelling programs. I've got in touch with many different cultures thanks to this. Secondly, I've been a really active students. I've participated in lots of academic activities and student organizations.
They have provided me a lot of information and experience about my field. Thirdly, I've spent lots of time for my hobbies. I've always been interested in sports such as football and basketball. I have added some new sports like tennis and golf to my favorite sports list. Also, I've learnt how to play some musical intruments such as the guitar and the violin. Now, I'm a senior student. I'm a bit sad because I'm going to graduate this year. However, I'm happy that I've spent my university years in an active way.

1. How long has the writer been a student?
2. How many countries has the writer been so far?
3. What kind of activities has the writer participated?
4. What are the favorite activities of the writer?
5. What musical instruments has the writer learnt to play?

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