Which ones are better for English Listening; Movies and T.V Series or Podcasts and Dialogues?

Nowadays there is a lot of discussion going on about listening materials. Some students put forward that they improve their listening skills by watching movies and t.v series (they last for 1-2 hours on average) while some others claim that they improve their listening skills by listening to podcasts and dialogues (they last for 5-10 minutes on average).

Students generally ask the following question ''Teacher, which one is better?''. Well there isn't  a precise answer to this question. Both of them have some advantages and disadvantages which make them different from each other.

Movies and T.V Series

Watching movies and t.v series are an enjoyable way to improve your English listening skills. You can watch your favourite movie and enjoy yourself while improving your English at the same time. However there are some negative sides of watching movies and t.v series as well as positive sides. Let's take a look at them:


  • An enjoyable way to improve English skills. 
  • A good opportunity to get exposed to daily English usages (Especially if you aren't living in an English speaking country such as England or USA). 
  • A lot of materials to choose from.
  • The main aim for watching movies and t.v series is not to improve English skills (This is a problem because students focus on what's going on rather than acquiring new language items).
  • They are too long to be analyzed in detail (You can't watch a movie or a t.v serie, again and again to analyze the language usages).
  • They aren't always perfect to learn pronunciation (not all speakers in the movies are accurate in terms of speaking).
Podcasts and Dialogues

Listening to English podcasts and dialogues is another way to improve listening skills. They also have some positive and negative points:

  • Really effective in terms of improving listening skills in a short period of time.
  • They can be repeated again and again to analyze the language usages. 
  • A lot of materials and many websites to choose from.
  • Listening the file and reading the transcripts are perfect for improving reading/listening and learning grammar and vocabulary. 
  • Perfect exposure to language usages.
  • They aren't the most enjoyable ways to practice English listening (though sometimes the speakers are quite funny).
  • It is a form of studying and this makes students dislike them.
  • Materials and topics aren't always really good. 
  • Voice quality may not be good. 
All in all, from my experience I can say that if you want to enjoy yourself and learn some things at the same time, you can watch movies, preferably with English subtitles. But if you want to improve your listening skills quickly in a short period of time and more effectively you can listen to podcasts and dialogues and analyze them in detail.