Tomorrow Night; Future Simple (will) Reading Passage with Target Words and Comprehension Questions

Do you know the meanings of the words below?

  • probably, snack, actually, scene, average
Do you know the meanings of the expressions below?
  • make (somebody) feel, meet up, appease hunger, marvel at
What do you see on the picture? Can you describe it?

Tomorrow Night
I work really hard during the week by working 12 hours on avarage every day. That's why I feel refreshed when the weekend comes. Especially weekend nights make me feel that I am actually alive. Luckily, today is friday and I have already made my plans for tomorrow. Early in the evening, I'll meet up with my friends in the city center. First we'll eat something to appease our hunger. Then we'll go to the seaside to drink some tea by the sea. Following that, we will sit at a cafe to marvel at the beautiful scene of the sea. After that we'll probably be hungry again and we will have some snacks. Late at night we'll go to a nice bar to listen live music. I won't have to go home early because I won't work the following day. The music will last at least two hours. Then it will be time to go home. When I get home, it'll be around 4 a.m. Finally, I'll take a shower and go to bed.

1. What will the writer do first tomorrow?
2. Where will the writer hang out with his/her friends?
3. How long will the live music last?
4. What will the writer do when the live music ends?
5. What will the writer finally do?

Can you summarize the reading passage with your own words by writing and speaking? Try...

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