5 Reasons Why You Can't Learn English Faster

Sometimes you may feel like you aren't learning English fast enough. Considering the time which has passed since you started learning English, you may feel like you should have got a better level but you haven't. This is a really common situation observed among students and some of the reasons that are behind this situation can be the ones that are listed below:

  1. You may not be spending enough time for English. This is the most common case observed among English learners. In order to learn and master English grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, writing and speaking, you have to spare enough time for them. Plan your time and as much time as possible to study English. I can hear you saying ''There are many things to do and there is not enough time.''. I can understand your problem, well actually it's every one's problem. However you should still try to spare as much time as possible if you want to get better at English.
  2. You may only be focusing on studying. There are some differences between spending time on English and studying English. First of all, you can spend time on English without studying English. For example you can try to read a book for fun, watch movies and t.v series or play computer games. You can learn a lot of things from these activities too.
  3. You may not have a balanced way among all skills. Maybe you are spending a lot of time on English but you are only focusing too much on grammar. In order to be competent in all English skills, you have to keep the balance in terms of the time you spare on them. If you never practice speaking, it will improve only little by learning new grammar structures and words. Also you can't hope to improve your listening skills by learning new grammar topics everyday. 
  4. You may be thinking that it is enough to have lessons. This is one of the most important mistakes while learning English. It is true that one of the best ways to learn English is being taught by a teacher in a classroom. However, if you want to get much better at English, you have to spend time on English outside too. It is not enough to be in all the lessons and participate if you want to master English skills. As it was mentioned in step 1, you have to spend enough time on English. 
  5. You may not be using technology. Technology provides lots of opportunities in terms of learning a new language. You can have free supporting lessons online, get an online friend and practice your writing and speaking, you can find reading and listening materials and many more. Use the opportunities that technology provide you. You can use your coursebook and your teacher as your primary sources of course, however you can also benefit from other sources such as teachers online and materials which are provided for free. 
These are probably the most common mistakes done while learning English. Try to avoid these mistakes if you are doing them. If you start avoiding them, you will get much better at English. 

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