Childhood English Conversation Questions EFL ESL

You can use the conversation questions below about childhood practise English speaking with your students, with your friends or on your own. For more conversation questions about different topics you can use the search tool or check blog archive.
  1. Where were you born?
  2. Tell me about your neighborhood.
  3. Did you use to live in a house or in an apartment?
  4. How did your house or apartment look like?
  5. Did you have a lot of friends when you were a kid?
  6. How many friends did you use to have?
  7. What did you use to do with your friends?
  8. What was your favorite childhood game?
  9. Who was your best friend in your childhood? Tell me about him or her.
  10. Was there a park near your apartment or house?
  11. Did you use to play with your brother or sister?
  12. When did you learn to ride a bicycle?
  13. Did you have a bicycle?
  14. Where did you go with your bicycle?
  15. Did you get preschool education?
  16. When did you start school?
  17. Do you remember your first day at school?  Tell me about it.
  18. Did you like your teacher?
  19. Did you change many teachers at primary school?
  20. Did you have many friends at primary school? Tell me about some of them.
  21. What was your favorite subject at primary school?
  22. Did you use to go to your grandparents house when you were a kid?
  23. Tell me about your grandparents' house.
  24. What was your favorite food as a kid?
  25. What foods you didn't like as a kid?
  26. Tell me about some of your oldest memories from childhood.
  27. Did you use to celebrate your birthdays? If so, tell me about them. If not, why didn't you celebrate them?
  28. Tell me about your favorite toy as a kid. 
  29. Who bought your first present? What was it for?
  30. Tell me about your dream toy as a kid.
  31. Did you have a nickname? If so, what was it?
  32. How often did you use to watch cartoons?
  33. What was your favorite cartoon? Why?
  34. Who was your favorite cartoon character? Why?
  35. Tell me about the cartoons you liked and the cartoons you disliked.
  36. Do you think cartoons are beneficial or harmful for children?
  37. What are the advantages of watching cartoons for children?
  38. What are the disadvantages of watching cartoons for children?
  39. Did you use to play jigsaws?
  40. Do you think playing jigsaws are beneficial for children? Why or why not?
  41. Which sports did you use to play when you were a kid?
  42. What was your favorite sport?
  43. Did you like playing football with your friends on the streets?
  44. Tell me about a proud moment you never forget.
  45. Tell me about an embarrassing moment you never forget.
  46. Tell me about your parents when you were young. How were they?
  47. Did your parents let you play outside?
  48. Did your parents use to buy everything you wanted?
  49. Who was your favorite relative in the family? Why?
  50. Did you have a pet as a kid? If so, what was it?
  51. Tell me about the first animal you kept as a pet. 

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