Tom's Day; Present Simple Tense Reading Passage with Target Words and Comprehension Questions

Warm Up

1. Do you know the meanings of the words below? If not, check their meanings from a dictionary.
  • begin, check, complete, remaining
2. Do you know the meanings of the phrases below? If not, check their meanings from a dictionary.
  • take a shower, get dressed, talk about, turn on, wander around
3. What other daily routine activities do you know?
4. What do you see on the picture? Tell me about it.

Tom's Day

Tom's day begins at 6.30. Firstly, He gets up and takes a shower. Then he has his breakfast and drinks a cup of coffee. After he gets dressed he goes to work. When he gets to work he checks his emails and reports some documents. At lunch, he talks with his friends and drinks some tea. They mostly talk about football. After lunch he goes back to his office and completes his remaining work.
He leaves his office at 5 p.m. He takes the bus to go home. When he gets home he turns on the t.v and watches the news. When his roommates come, they have dinner together. Sometimes they go out to wander around or drink something. From time to time, they play basketball in the evening. He usually goes to bed after he reads his book.

Comprehension Questions:

1. When does Tom wake up?
2. What does he do when he gets to work?
3. What do Tom and his friends talk about at lunch?
4. What does Tom use to get home?
5. What does Tom do in the evenings?

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