The Future; Coversation Questions EFL & ESL

You can use the conversation questions below about the future to practice English speaking with your students, with your friends or on your own. For more conversation questions about different topics you can use the search tool or check the blog archive.

  1. What are you going to do tomorrow?
  2. Do you have any plans about next summer? Tell me about them.
  3. What are your plans about the future?
  4. What are your career goals? Tell me about your professional aims.
  5. What is your dream job? What do you need to do to become one?
  6. What is the future going to be like? Talk about your predictions.
  7. Do you think the future is going to be better than the present time period? Why or why not?
  8. What do you think about technology? What will be some new technological advancements in the future?
  9. Tell me about some possible new inventions of near future?
  10. What will the computers be like in the future?
  11. How will telephones change in the future? Will they be bigger or smaller?
  12. What do you think about the developments in the car industry? How will cars be like in the future?
  13. Do you think that houses will be different in the future? What will be some changes about future apartment flats or houses?
  14. Which jobs will be prestigious in the future? Do you have any guesses? 
  15. What will public transportation be like in the future? Do you think that we will keep using subways, busses and trams?
  16. What developments will take place in health care in the future? For example, how will hospitals change?
  17. What military advancements happen in the future? Tell me about some possible changes.
  18. What will change in your country in the future?
  19. How long will people live in the future? 
  20. Do you think it will be possible to live in other planets in the future?
  21. Do you think we will stop using money in the future? If so, what will we use instead? If not, why will we keep using money?
  22. Do you think robots will be common in the future? What can robots do to help us?
  23. Do you think we will have human like robots in the future?
  24. What will be the most important fuel of near future?
  25. What do you think about renewable energy? Do you think we will need no fossil fuels in the future?
  26. Do you think the humans will unite as one country in the future?
  27. Do you think English will be the only language in the world?

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