Yesterday Night; Past Progressive Reading Passage with Target Words and Comprehension Questions

1. Do you know the meanings of the words below? If not, look up their meanings from a dictionary.

Mountain, scene, account, gossip

2. Do you know the meanings of the expressions below? Can you guess their meanings?

Look around, talk about, gossip about, enjoy himself/herself

3. What do you see on the picture? Can you describe it?

Yesterday night
Ken was spending time with his friends yesterday night. They were sitting in a café by the sea and sipping their coffee. The sea was beautiful and everyone was watching the wonderful scene of the sea and the mountains behind. Ken was looking around to see what the others were doing.
Michael was checking his emails through his netbook and Jesse was checking her Facebook and Twitter accounts via her smart phone. Daniel and Tom were talking to each other about the European Football Cup. Lisa and Jennifer were gossiping about a girl in their workplace. Tim, John and Jason were talking about their summer holiday plans. Everyone was enjoying themselves together.

1) What was Ken doing last night?
2) What was Michael doing?
3) What was Jesse doing?
4) What were Daniel and Tom doing?
5) What were Tim, John and Jason talking about?

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