5 Reasons Why Online Games are Really Effective in terms of Learning English

Online games are one of the most popular free time activities nowadays. A lot of people play online games and nearly everyone has had an experience with at least one online game. The reason for this question is quite simple. They are tremendously enjoyable. Due to the fact that they are really enjoyable, a lot of people miss another useful side of them. They help people learn English. They really do and they are really effective in terms of learning English. Proven by experience, online games can be a major tool for many people in terms of learning English. Let's take a look at why they are so effective regarding learning English.

  1. In online games, communication is the main key. If you want to be a successful online game player, you have to cooperate with your team in an effective way. Well, in order to do it, your English has to be good because the common language of online games is English. This situation makes a gamer want to improve his or her English reading, writing, listening and speaking. By acting as a triggering force, online games indirectly force gamers to improve their English. I have seen a lot of people holding dictionaries on their hands while playing an online game! 
  2. By playing online games, you learn a lot of things from your teammates. If you are playing an online game in your native country and if you are learning English, it is time to change your server to North American or European servers. By doing this, you will have to communicate English with your teammates and you will learn lots of new words and structures from them. Don't be afraid just change your server and be obliged to use English, it will work one way or another.
  3. You can improve not just your reading and writing but also your listening and speaking. In the past we (I am not that old but considering the fact that I started gaming when I was nearly 7, I guess I still belong to the previous gaming generation) mostly used writing to communicate with our teammates. Communicating with your teammates by using microphones and other software weren't that popular but nowadays they are really popular. Communicating with your teammates by using microphones is a perfect opportunity to learn daily English and pronunciation styles and it is also a perfect way to practice speaking. 
  4. There is a lot of interaction with daily English. This is one of the most important points. In classes, you generally interact with academic English. Well of course this isn't something wrong but also learning daily English usages in a natural environment can also be useful in terms of learning English.
  5. You can also learn English slang. You don't have to learn English slang but like other daily usages it can also be helpful to understand others. We, teachers, don't generally teach slang usages in our classrooms because we want our students to use English properly. Nobody faces any problems by speaking English properly, right? But it can be helpful if you can understand when a slang phrase is used. I mean you don't have to use them but you may need to understand them. 
These are some benefits of playing online games with regard to learning English. Apply some changes to your servers and start experiencing English today to improve your English skills. 

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