What is the best way to learn English?

''What is the best way to learn English?'' or ''What is the best thing to do to learn English?''. These are two common questions by English learners. There are a lot of ways to improve English knowledge and skills such as grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, writing and speaking. But there is one important thing you can do to learn English. Spend time on English. You can study and you can practice to improve your English but if you spend time on it you will start experiencing and acquiring the language. As our picture says, whatever you do and whichever way you practice, make time for what matters! It may sound easy but spending time on English isn't something simple and there are some important points to consider. Let's check these important points.

  1. Change your mentality about learning English. Studying and practicing are important parts of English learning but they aren't everything. You should start experiencing English by using it in your daily time and spending time on it in your daily life. Don't just study and practice English. Also try to use it in your real life. For example use your computer and smart phone in English. Even if you learn 5-6 words from doing this, it is something beneficial. Probably you will learn much more than this.
  2. Start reading in English. Reading is the best way to acquire new structures and new words. According to your level, start reading books in English. Try to choose a book you will enjoy reading and do it for pleasure not for studying. Don't check every word you encounter, just check the words when you can't figure out the general meaning.
  3. Watch the news in English. Nearly everyone watches the news and you are probably one of them. Then what are you waiting for? Start watching the news in English. Just turn on the television or your computer to watch the news. Again you don't have to understand everything you hear. Just try to get the general meaning and try to understand what is going on. 
  4. Get an online friend. Try to find an online friend with whom you can practice your English reading, writing, listening and speaking. Just talk to that person and spend time on English together. Try to get benefits of learning English and get known to a different culture. The feeling that you can communicate with somebody in English will increase your motivation. Don't be afraid of making mistakes. Every non-native speaker makes mistakes, there is no shame in it. The important point is being understood. 
  5. Remember that studying isn't the only way to learn English. Studying is an important part of learning English but it isn't always enjoyable and it isn't always natural. Try to experience the language by using it in natural settings such as reading news, listening to radio shows, watching television, writing emails and messages, speaking to your online friends on the Internet etc. These activities aren't always boring as studying and you can learn lots of new things from doing these activities. 
These are some of the ways through which you can spend time on English. Find more and start spending time on English rather than always studying to learn it. 

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