The Best Sources for English Reading

For many people, reading is the first step to learn English. Through reading, one can learn new words and new grammar structures which are key to build English skills. Reading has some advantages over other language skills such as listening, speaking and writing. First, it is not simultaneous. You don't have to read and understand at the same time. If you don't understand you can read the same thing many times. Secondly reading is a receptive skill, it isn't productive. That means you don't have to create something while reading, you just need to understand. Due to these two reasons reading is accepted as an easier skill when it is compared to other skills. That's why, according to me, it is one of the best way to acquire English. Well then, what are the best sources to do reading activities? Here are some:

  1. Graded Readers. For me, the best way to do reading in order to learn something is to read graded reader story books. These books are adjusted according to certain levels and they are compromised of the most common words English. That's why they are perfect sources for learning. There are many different types of books to choose from. Find one and get one according to your level. They provide the best experience to learn English. One disadvantage can be that students may find graded readers boring. Well, if you are one of them and even if you won't read them a lot, I still advise you to get one. It is worth spending time on them.
  2. Comics and cartoons. The people who don't like reading graded story books, gather here. Because here is something you like. Comics and cartoons are really effective ways to learn English. This isn't because they are designed by perfect educators but because they are enjoyable and people can spend more time on reading with them. You can have an enjoyable moment and learn English at the same time with comics and cartoons. There aren't a lot of things to read and this situation makes learning more effective. One advice before you get a comic book, don't start with upper levels. Just get some lower level comic books and go up step by step. 
  3. The news. One of the best sources for learning English. News are beneficial sources for learning English because we like learning about what is happening in our world. It is like a basic need for us. That's why you can make a difference in your life. Stop reading news in your own language and start reading them in English. There are many materials on the Internet. If you like reading about the world, there are already many great sources. Also there are news websites which are designed specially for learners. If you like reading news about your country, nowadays there are also websites which publish English news about their own country. Find one and follow the news everyday. One disadvantage can be that news generally have a lot of high level words. But you will also need to learn high level words one day, not just simple ones. 
  4. Novels. Another perfect source to learn English from. Novels are the top level of learning English through reading because if you can read novels in English it means that you are getting native-like. Generally novels are hard to understand for English novels. But with a dictionary you can change everything! If you want to do some real reading and read some novels, remember one thing; Start with short novels. There are many novels which are around 100-200 pages. It is better to read them before you start reading novels around 600-700 pages (I hope one day you will also read them in just one week but start with shorter ones first). Don't feel like short novels aren't worth reading. There are many masterpieces which aren't more than 200 pages. Try to read them. Because reading a novel will give you a lot of self-confidence on your way to become native like. 
There are also some other sources to read English but I advise you to follow these basic and really effective sources. Remember, reading is the best way to acquire English for non-native learners who aren't in a native-speaker country. Use this advantage carefully. 

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  1. Nowadays you will find thousands of websites and applications on the Internet that can help you learn English. There are some amazing websites out there for natives that provide great content written in excellent English. By visiting certain websites, you can improve your English reading skills while learning something new about a topic you enjoy. So choose something that interests you, and let’s go learn some English! The sources you have mentioned are very helpful for all students. Thanks for this beneficial information.