How to learn a lot of English words quickly in a short period of time?

Without words to use them, English grammar, reading, listening, writing and speaking are nothing. We need words to express ourselves by using these language systems and skills. One way or another you have to learn English words. Let me share a strategy which I used and worked really effectively for me with you.

  1. First thing you will do is to drop by the first stationery you find and buy lots of sticky notes. If you don't know what sticky notes are, they are the things in the picture above. Now lets talk about what you are going to do with them.
  2. Make a list of words you want to learn or make a list of the most common words or make a list of English words randomly. Write these words on the sticky notes with their meanings in your native language. You can also write their English description and a sample sentence but writing the word and its meaning in your native language with a big font size works better. 
  3. Put them everywhere in your apartment. On the fridge, on your bed, on your personal table or dining table, on and around the toilet, basically on everything and around everywhere you stop by frequently in the house. 
  4. Always check the words whenever you see them. While you are eating something, watching T.V, trying to sleep etc. check these words and try to check the meanings of these words and try to test yourself. 
So, what is the benefit of doing this?

  • By doing this you will turn everything you do in the house into a vocabulary practice activity. Rather than sitting and studying for words in a boring way, you will spend 5-10 minutes of everything you do in short terms to practice your target words.
  • You won't forget the words easily after learning them. Rather, you will revise them everyday by seeing them again and again. 
  • You will use the time you spend on English for other skills such as reading, listening, writing, spekaing and grammar because you won't have to study for vocabulary seperately after using this strategy.
  • You will learn lots of new words and expressions in a short period of time thanks to getting exposed to lots of words.
  • You will get exposed to your target words not just once or twice but a lot of times. By doing this you will not just learn but master these words. It will be easier for you to remember them while reading and listening and use them quickly while writing and speaking.
All in all, this was a strategy I used to benefit a lot while learning English as a non-native English speaker. I still use it to learn some academic words and terms which I need for my educational life. It worked a lot for me and I hope it works for you too. 

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