How to deal with reading problems while reading English novels?

Starting to read English novels is one of the best parts about learning English because it means that an authentic and real interaction with the language is starting for a learner. The time to start reading English novels changes from person to person. Some people start reading novels at intermediate level while some others still have problems at advanced level. One way or another a person should start reading English novels while reaching intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced levels. This process is painful but it is full of benefits for an English learner. Here are some benefits of reading novels and some ideas to consider in order to reduce the difficulties while reading them:

  1. The main benefit of reading a novel is learning lots of unknown words while the main problem while reading a novel is also unknown words. Reading, especially reading novels, is one of the best activities to learn new words. However the number of unknown words discourage readers from English novels. You can avoid this problem by using a quite easy strategy. While reading, just check the meanings of words only when you can't understand the general meaning. You don't have to check all the unknown words while reading. Skip the meanings of some words if they don't create problems about understanding the concept. 
  2. Try to guess the meanings of unknown words from the context. This is a really useful strategy both to practice vocabulary and to avoid unknown words problem. By checking the other words in a sentence, it is often possible to guess the meanings of unknown words. Even if you can't guess the exact meaning, you can have an idea about what it is similar to. 
  3. Start reading novels from simpler and shorter ones. If you don't want to be discouraged by the length and complexity of a novel, you can start reading simpler and shorter novels. There are many high quality and classical short and simple novels you can find by searching a bookstore. By reading them you can increase your self-confidence on reading. 
  4. Find a book appropriate to your likes. I always advise students to decrease studying time for English and increase spending time on English. While reading a book you like, you don't feel like studying but you feel like spending time on a hobby. When you accomplish this, you can spend much more time on English. Find an enjoyable book you will like and read it for hours. The best way to learn English is to enjoy it. 
  5. Try to get an e-book reader. Some people like touching a real book. If you aren't one of them buy an e-book reader. They have lots of advantages such as add-on dictionaries, flash cards, easy access to materials and many more. They are one of the best devices to improve English skills. You can click here to read a post about e-book readers get information about the benefits of e-book readers on learning English. 
All in all, reading a novel increases a persons vocabulary knowledge, self-confidence on learning English and it provides general knowledge, real and authentic contact with the target language. Due to these reasons, an English learner should definitely start reading English novels after intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced levels. Always have a book by your side if you want to master English and become native-like. 


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