5 Strategies to Improve English Speaking Fluency

In a basic sense, fluency can be described as being able to speak in a flowing manner without interruptions. Speaking fluency is one of the qualities which shows a learner's English level. This skill is really important to carry out conversations without having problems. Many English learners are curious about how to improve English speaking fluency. In this post, I am going to share some possible strategies to answer questions such as ''How to improve speaking fluency?'', ''How to speak English faster?'' and ''How to speak English without interruptions?''.

  1. Don't be afraid of making mistakes. While speaking, the most important thing is to be understood. In order to be understood while also speaking fluently, you can ignore making some mistakes. Remember, you are an English learner and as a result, people are supposed to acknowledge your mistakes and try to understand you. It is normal to make mistakes as an English learner. I am not telling you to forget grammar and tell everything you want to say. Just dont't overemphasize grammar and keep transmitting your messages without having a fear of making mistakes. If you overthink about making mistakes, it will slow you down. 
  2. Realize the differences between your native language and English. This is one of the most important things to do to speak fluently. Not all languages are similar to each other. For example English starts with subject and the sentence continues with verb and object (Subject + Verb + Object). But in other languages this can be different. Therefore, you should adapt your speaking style to this situation.
  3. Learn strategies to avoid vocabulary problems. Sometimes you can't explain yourself while speaking because you can't remember a specific word. This is a normal situation for an English learner. In order to avoid these problems, you can learn some strategies. For example describing. If you can't remember a word, you can describe it. For example if you can't remember 'cloud' you can say the white things in the sky. Another strategy is to learn English words with their synonyms and similar words and to use them together. For example if you can't remember angry, you can use mad instead. 
  4. Acquire active vocabulary as well as passive vocabulary. When you learn a new word, it enters your passive vocabulary. If you don't use these words while writing and speaking, you can't include them in your active vocabulary. So try to use these words intentionally while writing and speaking. By doing this, you can decrease the time you spend while trying to remember these words. 
  5. The main key to improve Speaking fluency, practicing. This is not a strategy to use while speaking but this is the most important thing to do in order to improve speaking fluency. Practice your speaking everyday by talking to others. If you don't have other people to talk to in English, practice your speaking on your own. You can learn how to practice speaking on your own by clicking here.  
These are the basic steps to take in order to improve speaking fluency. If you pay attention to these issues, you will probably solve your problems about speaking fluency in a short period of time. You can contact me about further recommendations.

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