Best Short Starter Novels for Intermediate-Advanced English Learners

Reading novels is a non-stop way to improve English grammar, vocabulary knowledge and to pass from intermediate levels to advance level. But to do it, a person needs to be careful while choosing a book to read. In this post I am going to share the best novels (according to my opinion) to start reading for English learners.

Choosing an English novel is a really important step for an English learner which and it should be done carefully. Personally I advise English learners to start from books which are shorter and which are less complex. Well, you should note that you are going to check a lot of words while reading. As long as the book is not full of specific words and terms, this is something positive. Don't be afraid of seeing lots of words. If you want to read my post which is about dealing with problems while reading English novels you can click here. If you follow these steps you will minimize your problems related to reading novels. Now lets talk about my personal recommendations for English learners. to start reading English novels.

  1. Animal Farm by George Orwell; First and foremost, this book is one of the best books to start reading English novels. Its simplistic yet symbolic written style both makes reading easier and more enjoyable. Animal farm is about the rising and falling of socialism in a society and what happens during this period. George Orwell uses the animal farm, farmer, animals and other people as symbols to convey his messages. A wonderful book and by many people it is accepted as a classic. It is easily accesible, you can find it anywhere and you can also find and order it online. It is only 102 pages and its language its quite understandable when compared to others. 
  2. Lord of the Flies by William Golding; Lord of the Flies is another alternative to start reading an English novel. Being a bit longer (180 pages) and a bit more complex than Animal Farm, this book is still a good alternative to start reading English novels due to its intersting plot. The book is about a group of children which survive a plane crash and start living in an Island and what happens afterwards. Maybe you will check some words again and again but this book will make you enjoy reading.
  3. Of Mice and Men by John Steinback; A 102 page classic to read. Even if you are an English learner you will be finish this book in just 1 week. I read this book while I was learning English in high school and I learned a lot of English words as well as enjoying this masterpiece. The book is a story of 2 friends, things they go through in an unforgiving world. 
  4. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley; If you are looking for a bit more action and a bit longer novel (around 280 pages), this book is for you. You will find yourself fighting unknown words but it will be beneficial for you. Doctor Frankenstein's efforts to animate a dead body will excite you throughout the book. 
Here is a 4 book starter list if you are bored of inauthentic reading passages and want to start reading English novels. Of course there are many more and these are my personal recommendations. I will write another list in another post. For the moment you can start reading these masterpieces and enjoy doing something real with what you have learned. Remember, starting to read an English novel is at first hard for an English novel but it's a journey with countless benefits. 

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